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“Jesus: The Evidence" is also a one-evening, one-afternoon or three-evening presentation. We have successfully these to groups of atheists, agnostics and Christians a many venues across Scotland in the last five years.

The presentation largely follows the information on this website and booklet – with the additional advantage of audience interaction and an opportunity to discuss and challenge the information presented.

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11th April 2017 7.30pm 1 evening Cathcart Trinity Church 90 Clarkston Road, Glasgow, G44 3DA 

Do you want to come along? Presentations are free. Just come along on the night. We’d be delighted to see you. If you want to find out more about the presentations, please e-mail us at

Presentation Content

The Historical Evidence
•What historical evidence do we have for Jesus?
•How trustworthy is this historical evidence?
•How accurate is the historical evidence?
•Is there contemporary written evidence for Jesus outside the Bible?
•Does archaeology support the written historical evidence?
•Does the historical evidence stand up to rational scrutiny?
Who was Jesus?
•Was Jesus convinced that He was the Son of God?
•Was Jesus massively deluded to think of Himself in this way?
•Did Jesus’ original followers think that He was the Son of God?
•Did Jesus unintentionally or deliberately mislead His followers so that they believed He was the Son of God.
•What about other “messianic” leaders? In what ways was Jesus similar or different?
Resurrection – the Evidence
•What evidence do we have for the Resurrection?
•Was Jesus really executed?
•What happened to Jesus’ body if He was executed?
•What is the evidence for Jesus being seen alive by His followers after His death?
•Is there any evidence from outside the Bible that supports or undermines the Resurrection?
•Does this evidence stand up to rational scrutiny?

Presentation Aims

•To explore the questions above - drawing upon up-to-date research from historians, archaeologists and linguists.
•To provide “food for thought” for atheists and agnostics.
•To provide Christians with a rational and historical dimension to their faith.

Why this Presentation?

There are many other excellent courses that explore Jesus and Christianity. For example, you may have heard of the Alpha Courses running across the UK. We strongly believe that Alpha is an ideal way to explore Christianity further.

However, none of the courses we’ve seen focuses on the historical and rational evidence for Jesus being the Son of God.

To us, focusing on the rational and historical evidence for Jesus seems like a logical starting point for any exploration of Christianity. Why would you want to explore Christianity further if you didn’t think there was a good chance that Jesus is the Son of God? (see “Why Bother?” section of this site).

Would You Like to Host a Presentation?

Our view is that this presentation can be run anywhere – from a small room in a bar to a large hall or church. For those of you involved in running courses such as Christianity Explored or Alpha, we've found that the Jesus: The Evidence presentation can act as a "first step" to a deeper exploration of Christianity that these courses provide.

If you are interested in us hosting a presentation, please contact us at

We do not charge for running a Jesus: The Evidence presentation within the UK. Free copies of the Jesus: The Evidence booklet are also provided to all attendees at the end of each presentation.