What’s Different About this Website?

You’re likely to be surprised by the information on the website (and in the course).

It’s all out there – but it can be difficult to find. The information we’ve pulled together can often be buried in dry, academic tomes or Christian books and pamphlets that non-Christians are highly unlikely to read.
We don’t know of any other website  where this information is pulled together in this way.

Facts rather than Faith.

We live in rational and secular times. Today, we require the facts before we make our mind up about anything. If you’ve ever looked into the claims that Jesus is the Son of God, you will have found that much of the discussion is centred around “faith” and “belief”.
For the average non-believer living in the 21st century, we think that this can present some difficulty.  “Why believe?” is the obvious question. For non-believers, the answers Christians provide tend to focus on faith and are presented in a “Church” language that seems out of step with the rest of the world.
This website takes another approach. We present the facts and let you decide for yourself.

A different starting point.

An atheist friend said to me recently: “The Bible? Of course, it’s all just fairy stories”. If you think that Jesus being the Son of God is just another fairy story - and have no strong evidence to suggest that things are otherwise – then you will never have the opportunity to experience the positive effects of Jesus’ message.
This website  will give you “food for thought” and maybe provide you a starting point to explore further.


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