So, what’s the evidence then?

Glad you asked.

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I’ve tried to write this in an accessible, non-academic form. The information has been pulled from a variety of sources - some of which are listed in “Links and Further Reading” section of the website. These books go into many of the topics covered in far greater and more rigorous detail.

To give you a flavour of the contents, please see the introduction and contents summary below: 


Historians know that “something happened” in Jesusalem around AD30 to convince Jesus’ disciples that He was the Son of God. This “something” caused the birth of Christianity and caused it to spread like wildfire through the Eastern Roman Empire. This “something” caused all types of people to become Christ-followers - despite extreme hostility and persecution from those they lived amongst. This “something” caused Christianity to grow - despite almost continual persecution for the first 300 years of its existence. 

What is it that happened in 1st Century Palestine to make all this happen?

In the downloadable pdf file, you will find the following topics:

Part 1: The Historical Evidence

  • What historical evidence do we have for Jesus?
  • How trustworthy is this historical evidence? 
  • How accurate is the historical evidence?
  • Is there contemporary written evidence for Jesus outside the Bible?
  • Does archaeology support the written historical evidence?
  • Does the historical evidence stand up to rational scrutiny?

Part 2: Who was Jesus?

  • Was Jesus convinced that He was the Son of God?
  • Was Jesus massively deluded to think of Himself in this way?
  • Did Jesus’ original followers think that He was the Son of God?
  • Did Jesus unintentionally or deliberately mislead His followers so that they believed He was the Son of God.
  • What about other “messianic” leaders? In what ways was Jesus similar or different?

Part 3: Resurrection – the Evidence

  • What evidence do we have for the Resurrection?
  • Was Jesus really executed?
  • What happened to Jesus’ body if He was executed?
  • What is the evidence for Jesus being seen alive by His followers after His death?
  • Is there any evidence from outside the Bible that supports or undermines the Resurrection?
  • Does this evidence stand up to rational scrutiny?

Aim of Material

  • To explore the questions above - drawing upon up-to-date research from historians, archaeologists and linguists.
  • To provide “food for thought” for atheists and agnostics.
  • To provide Christians with a rational and historical dimension to their faith.