Who Produced It?

This website is supported by Cathcart Trinity Church based in Glasgow in the UK. However, it was produced by one of our members – Derek McIntyre. Here is Derek’s story:

“I’m a Christian. However, I used to be an agnostic. Like many people, I thought about and discussed religious matters with my friends in my teens – but never came to any clear conclusions. Like many people, I put my questions on God and Jesus to one side, with a view to thinking about them later. But never did.

So through my 20’s and 30’s, I guess I had the view of many people in the UK today. I really didn’t know what to think about God and Jesus. I suppose I thought that you probably needed to have some form of faith to be a Christian - and that this faith was for other people. People who had perhaps been brought up Christians. Or perhaps, people who had experienced some form life-changing spiritual experience.

However, in my late 30’s I thought it would be worthwhile revisiting some of the questions I’d left unresolved in my teens. My thoughts were that as there are plenty of capable and intelligent people who profess to have some form of belief in God (eg. Scientists like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Politicians like Nelson Mandela. Military men like Sir Richard Dannatt and Norman Schwartzkopf etc). In a survey published in “Nature” in 1997, four out of 10 scientists said they believed in God. Ok, just over 45% said they did not believe, and 14.5% described themselves as doubters or agnostics. However, a figure of 40% surprised me. Why did they believe?
Also, if I looked at the religious leaders in this country, they were clearly not stupid men or women. If these people had some belief in God, then perhaps it was worthwhile looking at this again to find out why.

At this time I happened to meet a colleague on a business trip to the USA who, it turned out, also happened to be a Christian. I wasn’t aware of this until I asked him where he had been on holiday that year. He replied that he had been over to Oxford in the UK on missionary work. As you might imagine, this sparked my curiosity and the conversation turned to matters religious. The upshot of the conversation was that he said that he’d send me a few books that might help with the questions I had. Sure enough, two weeks later I received a package containing a copy of a book called “The Case for Christ” by Lee Strobel and a Bible.

Did reading “The Case for Christ” turn me into a Christian? Frankly, no it didn’t. What it did though was act as the starting point for my own investigation into who Jesus is. I was amazed by what I found. I was amazed by my own ignorance of the evidence I found. How could I be living in a country where Christianity is the dominant religion and not be aware of this stuff?

So, the reason I have been so keen to have this website and the “Jesus: The Evidence” course developed, is that I thought it was important to share this information with others, and allow them to draw their own conclusions.”