Why bother?

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 Why Bother? Video

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There are many reasons for people not being Christians. Here are a few:

I’m sure some of these reasons have crossed your mind. I’m also sure you could add one or two of your own to the list.

These are hard questions to answer.

If I’m honest, they’re hard for Christians to answer too.

Now, consider this:

If Jesus isn’t the Son of God, you don’t need to bother trying to find answers to these questions.

If Jesus isn’t the Son of God, these questions are irrelevant. You can put them to one side, never think of them again and get on with living your earthly life.


If Jesus is the Son of God, then that puts a whole different complexion on things.

So, before you try to get to grips with Christianity and the hard questions, maybe the simplest thing to do is find out who Jesus is first.
“Jesus: The Evidence” might just be the way to start.